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a disease in which those really annoying kids who only listen to that noobish electropop stuff played on the radio don't know shit about actual music but think they do
musically ignorant individual (referring to metal): all they do is scream.
person who knows music: stop screwing up your genres. you have musical ignorance.
#music #ignorant #noobs #stupid #gaylords
by ignorantpeopleshalldie September 03, 2009
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When an entire band is named after one person, such as "Daughtry"
"We're not naming the band 'Miller' that's selfish! At least give us SOME credit like 'Casey and the Sunshine Band!' I didn't know you had so much Musical Ignorance!
#musical #music #ignorance #ignorant #selfishness.selfish
by Drums Guns and Fun December 06, 2009
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