When a teenager constantly calls/texts/facebooks her love interest - even when there is no response from the other person.
Shelby is totally obsessed with Josh - she loves to talk to him on the house phone, message him on facebook, and text him from her cell all at the same time...
by Obi Juan K. Mobius May 16, 2012
When one only cares about doing a certain thing and can only think about that thing.
Man, Keilie and Jessica are too obsessed with One Tree Hill!
by Keikat June 30, 2013
1. The utter refusal of Celtic fans to focus on their team instead of others, choosing to talk endlessly about Rangers instead.
"I know we won 6-0 today, but a Rangers player has said something in the press, so lets talk about that instead cause we're obsessed"

"Our coach is leaving due to an undisclosed tax issue? Aye ok, but what happened to Rangers today? I don't care about the team I support, cause I am obsessed with Rangers."

"Fat Sally, you don't do walking away. Rangers are a new club!"
"Do you know the Celtic starting eleven?"
"No, but, but, but... Fat Sally?"
"Ah Tam, yer obsessed."
by TrollFan April 28, 2014
A good example of obsessed some of the people who posted under the definition of Hentai Seriously, just look at the stuff some of those good folks over there posted. I think that genre of porno has drawn in some of the most, well... "Devoted" of fans. Not that I mean to bash any viewers out there, but man, I've met some freaky Hentai fans in my high school days.
fan: Hentai is perfect, hentai is beautiful, hentai is perfect, perfect, righteous, wonderful, great, exotic, it is-

Nerd:Sigh.... It's obsessed people like you that give us nerds an even worse rep than we already have. Stupid Baby-Rape porno...

Fan: Yer just jealous because you can't do what they can in the beautiful cartoons!

Nerd: If I wanted to turn into a living dildo, I'd make note of it. As for now, joining in anonymous group orgies is better than watching naked chained up toons in my opinion. speaking of which, I'm going to a friend's house. Don't get sperm all over my keyboard... Chao...
some one who iz infatuated with a famous character ie movies (jason) music (jin, eminem). kind of like stan in one of eminems song
kind of like the character stan in one of eminems song.
ie i know someone who is "obsessed" with a with a famous character.
by savia florence & c £ July 02, 2006
See my definition of fangirl. You will understand.
Come join the fight for sanity on the Movies and Actors board at YM.com. All who are against the fangirls' disgraceful behavior are welcome.
by Prongs September 02, 2004
Being a fan of Orlando Bloom. The capatalized 'OB' are his initials.
I am so OBsessed. I watched Troy over ten times just to see Orlando Bloom.
by SharonG May 21, 2005
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