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Over Banged Ho

A ho who has been banged one too many times.
Man that prostitute last night sure was an OBH.
by whisk June 06, 2007
10 7
Oh Bloody Hell!
OBH! That bitch stole my bloke!
by Kitty Famorca September 24, 2009
8 6
Acronym, standing for Old Bitch Howard

Based on a decrepid old english teached in Sachem North Highschool...Can be used for any old person who wears whacked out clothes like ocean green suits....Also must have fake hair and loose skin
I was chillen,eatin some cashews, staring at Teresas tits...when OBH Came up and was like..."Jason! Your always absent"
And I was like "Yo...STFU"
by Armstrizzle April 29, 2004
5 10