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a single piece of crack
take these five stones and bring a nigga back a 100

Scarface - The Fix
Guess who's back?
by chuckie February 23, 2005
A really cool person. Can hold his ground. A really good "Hello" type word. A chuckie creation (1999)
Guy: "Sup thugulator"
Guy2: "Sup man."
by Chuckie May 06, 2003
Suck Head is the short term for give me head motha fucka or i will bust a cap in yo ass
Suck head right now bitch
by Chuckie October 31, 2003
a sorry wuss. wimmpy, candy ass, piece of shit.

PPL who hate on Mayor Ray Nagin
by Chuckie May 23, 2003
One who navigates the windward passage
by Chuckie June 09, 2003

When you pass out drunk and your buds attempt to place a bare nut sack on your face and get a phot to embarass your sorry ass while you are out cold.
by Chuckie May 23, 2003
A black person. A non polite, non offencive term for a black person. Established in 1998 by Chuckie (The fat chick killer)
Cracker: "Sup ya negrodian thug!"
Mudshark: "Gimmie Some of that negrodian black cock"
by Chuckie May 06, 2003
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