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nu·tri·tize pronounced: noo-tri-tize

The attempt to eat right and make the foods you eat healthier with unscientific methodologies. This includes blotting your pizza with napkins to sop up the extra grease, eating only the middle of your sandwich-feeding the bread to the pigeons, ordering a Diet Coke with your Double Decker Burger & fries or eating a pan of brownies a sliver at a time every time you walk past them on the kitchen counter (when nobody is looking of course)
I just Nutritized my pizza, even though I killed 7 trees during the napkin blotting process.

That pan of brownies was Nutritized!
by DivaRD April 26, 2011

What is Nutritize™ ?
nu·tri·tize pronounced: noo-tri-tize

1. the pursuit of having a healthy business and making your current business healthier for consumers;

2. to analyze and publicize nutrition information.

Used in a sentence:
* I would like to nutritize™ my restaurant.
* I would like to nutritize™ the foods I eat.
* That restaurant has nutritized™ their menu.
* We are nutritizing™ the way we make our food.
* We are nutritizing™ the way we do business.
* We have the nutritize™ seal of approval.

For more information see:
by Diva Dietitian April 25, 2011
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