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To be completely plastered out of your mind. This word arose from Ireland, where people are usually assumed to be able to drink a lot. Their ability to drink so much came from their sadness over their small genitalia. But, when someone from Ireland lacked any alcohol tolerance, they would be outcast, in quite the same manor the Patriot fans are rejected by society at large. These people were considered nutmegged at the time of their drunkenness.
Gannam: Claire, I'm sorry. Everyone else: fuck y'all scrubs.

Mike: What's his problem?
Dan: He's quite nutmegged right now.
by Johntheminesweep November 28, 2010
11 8
the act of getting high from drinking way too much egg nog to the point of hallucination.
Bro 1: dude are you trippin, your pupils are the size of records!
Bro 2: i'm totally nutmegged!
by preeep4081 November 03, 2010
13 20
A word to describe utter shock or disgust.
"Babe, I just walked into my parents having sex. I'm bare nutmegged man!!!
by Emily and Hami December 14, 2007
3 25