Nuss. The slang word for anal hole, otherwise known as 'arse'. It was derived from the early 1800's and was commonly used throughout Pomland, England.
Living in the past: "Oh deary me, this chair does ache my nuss".
Nowadays: "Ahh man, this totally sucks nuss".
by Lowri Lucario November 23, 2008
Top Definition
testicles (slang: balls, nuts); a pronunciation of "nuts" normally uttered by bummish, slack-jawed or gluttonously relaxed individuals, thus the omission of the "t" sound, which is deemed not worth the effort to enunciate.

syn.: baws
After sucking in the last hit from his bong, sprawled across the couch, glassy-eyed Swain told Horse, "C'mon over here an' sugg my nuss."
by P'tainz January 27, 2013
1. (noun) A. a vagina tooth

B. a tooth inside of your vagina; there is only one

C. weirdly shaped vagina with a tooth

2. (verb) when your vagina tooth latches onto long things, such as penises, and bites it repeatedly without your control
1. A. B. & C. Look at how big my nuss is now! I think it is because I am horny.

2. My vagina was nussing like crazy last night. It latched onto my mom's broom and i had to sit there for about two hours while it bit it.
by Nussmasterz3000 May 05, 2010
to nurse a baby or comfort an unhappy baby, We thing it is short for nurse. It is a term used in backwoods Oklahoma and Arkansas.
She had to nuss the crying baby. Woman, go nuss that baby.
by southernmagic July 02, 2009
One ballin-ass playa dat can hit dem chickens all night long while tossin back a few 40s along the way. But still gettin his watch on for niggas comin up talkin shit. He stays wit his gat all da night.
Damn nuss, you one fly ass brotha.
by Justin "fats mccool" Meade March 28, 2004
n. An asshole, jerk. One who lacks compassion or even a soul.
1. "Why did he have to be such a Nuss? I just wanted him to wish me a happy birthday."

2. "Well, you went and made a Nuss of yourself, didn't you?"
by JillyCopAFeely December 27, 2009
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