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Aussie slang for "No Worries"
Fuking nurries mate!
by Loke1 September 24, 2003
A small portion of faeces.
I left a little nurry in my dacks.
#nard #borry #dump #steaming pile #turd
by casa September 02, 2008
Aussie slang for your testicles.
I'll kick ya in the Nurries.

As opposed to 'No wucken furries' - or No <expletive> worries - which is wrongly attributed to this word.

#balls #nuts #gonads #goolies #tackle
by Badwolf March 30, 2006
Term for testicles.
Usually used in the phrase "No worries, no nurries" during the exchange of similar 'rhyming' insults.
For example
Person 1 - "Cheers, big ears"
Person 2 - "Same goes, big nose"
Person 1 - "No worries, no nurries"
Person 2 - "Who cares, pubic hairs"
Person 1 - "Give a stuff, bum fluff"
Person 2 - "Give a f**k, toilet duck"
#testicles #nuts #balls #gonads #dangly bits
by Jaranet December 06, 2005
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