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First syllable in an exagerrated use of the word orgasm when uttered.
"I just have to look at Michael and I know I'll have the most incredible, earth shattering, floor-flooding orr-gasm" Nicole said to an whooping and cheering assembly of the W.I., who then burst into a spontaneous ten minute standing ovation.
by Barry Lavety December 02, 2005
wearing a monday night football shirt on a monday
He decided to pull an orr today for the big game tonight.
by orrschnap May 07, 2008
A surname derived from "MacGregor."

Rhymes with everything.
"You're such an 'Orr'-monger"
by pseudonym376 March 21, 2009
v. tr.

The absolute gayest something could be at any given point. Other interpretations can stray anywhere from "infinitely gay" to " Blowing Richard Simmons in a port-a-poty at an Elton John concert."
i.e. That was the orrest thing schyler ever did
by Jon Perez June 06, 2005

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