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nungas are boobs. as said in a vair fun book.
an older brother said that when you pull on one it bounces and makes the noise "nunga nunga nunga". this is the true origin. although, it may not be so true in itself.
by Alexandra Mari July 27, 2006
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nungas or often refered to as nunga nungas are a womans breasts. used in the Georgia Niclson books.
my god look at that womans nungas!
by Lee C. July 07, 2006
Australian slang, mainly used as a racial slur to Aboriginal or darkly coloured people. Usually describes a detrimental feature of Aboriginals, such as Alcoholism, Unemployment, petrol-sniffing and wearing bright Wu Tang or 2pac shirts
a) Jirad is an Islander, but he looks like a nunga
b) "Stop drinking goon in the park and get a job you lazy nunga!"
by Gupta September 24, 2006
Female genitalia.
A nonsense word invented by an unnamed writer for Picture magazine, who are not allowed to print "offensive" words on their cover. The writer felt that "nunga" sounded naughty and forbidden.
Let me dine upon your moist, dusky nunga!
by Jaco August 06, 2004
as in stupid person, used by the ngati pakeha tribe and the Maori Jesus
"Hey you nunga!!!!!"

"You are such a nunga!!!!"
by Skanky McSkank March 05, 2005
A an affectionate term applied to someone who has done something stupid or is acting in a stupid or ditzy way.

Named after a South Australian tribe of aborigines.
That was a nunga thing to do locking the keys inside. Stop being a nunga and put your trousers on
by raymartin October 25, 2005
Mistaken term that has become accepted terminology. New slang for african american. Origins come from "nuca" - an amiable term in concert between two nungas.

ex. Sup, nuca!

But when a highly forgetful white girl from Maine tries to remember "nuca," she comes up with "nunga."

So now, it has become an affectionate term for a friend. Without offending anyone, of course.
"Yo, nunga!"
"Sup, nungaface!"
"Not much, nungabreath."
"Peace out, nunga."
by Nunga #1 November 09, 2004

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