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4 definitions by Jaco

Rhyming slang for "kids."
Get tha tin lids out to tha beach or something, I want some peace'n'quiet!
by Jaco August 07, 2004
From rugrat, affectionate term for a small child.
Yeah, I'd like to go, but I gotta get someone to mind the ruggies.
by Jaco August 06, 2004
Female genitalia.
A nonsense word invented by an unnamed writer for Picture magazine, who are not allowed to print "offensive" words on their cover. The writer felt that "nunga" sounded naughty and forbidden.
Let me dine upon your moist, dusky nunga!
by Jaco August 06, 2004
I logged on with my twink so I could play with my lower level friends.
by Jaco March 07, 2005