good marijuana (hydroponic, kb)
Lets rip some nuggies tonight. I got some nugs/ nuggies.
by ericswill69 July 30, 2006
Top Definition
noun. A term of endearment for a significant other who is, figuratively speaking, as juicy as a chicken nugget.
"Let's have dinner at that hotel for our anniversary, nuggy."
by ericmarshall28 March 31, 2009
a nuggy is the act of rapping your arm around the neck of someone, locking there head so they cant move. Then using the knuckles on your other hand, you digg them into there head, rubbing up and down back and forth on there head, just for the humour of there pain.
stanno- " Fuckin ger'ere now ya little shit. Fartin in our car, gunna fuckin nuggy ya, fuckin gay."
by fresh prince of bellend April 15, 2009
a dank, smelly "nug" or in other words a piece of cannabis.
Yo, thats some dank nuggy!
by Gibby617 January 25, 2009
used when referring to a single piece of marijuana.
I still got that nuggy in my drawer dude!
by Budmaster09 April 26, 2010
A word for a marijuana smoking aircraft mechanic.
by Russell Schwarzlose October 01, 2003
A term of endearment for the NBA team, The Denver Nuggets.
1. Let's go Nuggies! Beat the Lakers!

2. It's so cute. Like little newborn Nuggets, don't even know a word yet, just a little infant, so cuddly but still omnipotent.
by CastelliL November 15, 2010
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