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8 definitions by bossmanhugo

a typical desperate fat woman who is insecure and wants company no matter how badly they mistreat her.she sweats a lot and will do the most dirtiest stuff in the bedroom to keep her alcoholic abusive fella happy
that leanne is such a bo-slag,look at the bruises on her and yet here she is picking up a bucket of ky jelly.
by bossmanhugo January 02, 2005
a mixture of talking on the phone while having a wizz
man-whats that noise?
2nd man-sorry,but you rang while im having a wee!
man-thats disgusting!
2nd man-shit happens
man-you taking a dump too??
by bossmanhugo January 02, 2005
a term meaning 'all is not good'.when something goes wrong it can be described as broken biscuits.also meaning unwell,like a ropey donkey
man,threw my girlfriend at the wall and now she looks like broken biscuits
by bossmanhugo January 02, 2005
maening very unwell,usually a mix of lots of alcohol and a dodgy donner kebab.not good.
man im feeling proper ropey donkey today,that girls fanjita must have done it.
by bossmanhugo January 02, 2005
a god,a living legend.a king among men
look at him there,he's a bossmanhugo.jesus.i'd sure like to fuck him!
by bossmanhugo January 02, 2005
meaning a woman on her period
sorry love,we cant fuck tonight,i'm egg-noggin
by bossmanhugo January 02, 2005
the term maening to fart in bed and hold your girlfriends head under the blanket until she eventually stops moving
man,i did a holder on leanne last night and she aint moved since.think i'd best call an ambulance.damn that strong vindaloo
by bossmanhugo January 02, 2005