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A form of punishment used to assert dominance in a social structure, usually given when a lower person does or says something stupid or annoying. It consists of rubbing of the knuckles hard against the skull to cause moderate pain. Usually the head is held stable with the weaker arm, and the nuggie is given by the stronger arm.
Scarlett tackled her younger brother, grabbed him by the head and gave him a nuggie.
by abcd1234 July 20, 2005
226 55
Korean grandma's euphemism for vagina.
"Don't forget to wash your nuggie!"
by littering February 16, 2014
3 0
A nuggie is properly defined as "a noogie delivered by some simpleton who just kind of spells things his own way, regardless of what the rest of the world thinks." The only appropriate response is a proper noogie, an atomic wedgie, and an Indian rope burn that actually draws blood.
Dullard: "HAR! I just gave that band nerd a nuggie!"

Non-Dullard: "A what?"

Dullard: "A nuggie! You know, it's like an autonomous wedgie or an engine rope burn!"

This discussion is followed by a scene of unholy rage so violent that decorum prohibits describing it here.
by Pseudonymous Jones February 09, 2010
28 30
A chicken nugget. A small one.
Let's go get nuggies from Wendy's.
by shhake January 11, 2011
31 35
A way of putting pain to one's fingers.Espically a head puching daugther
I put a nuggie on to stop my daugther or son from bothering me
by howard rothbein November 26, 2004
10 127