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a slang word for "brotha" or "my home boy"

derived from the word "nigga"

used as an in-offensive version of "nigga"
"what up nugguh"

"jim's my nugguh"
by Sam March 16, 2004
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a device used in india to talk to robots
Alah hand me that nugguh
by danny652 September 24, 2006
it is a device used in india to talk to large robots that are taking over their country!
"quick use the nugguh before is kills you"
by k to the ristina September 24, 2006
used by white people in the same way as dude, chap, old boy, lad and by afro americans referred as 'nigger', 'dog', etc.

(used among friends who mean no disrespect and is found in Afrika by backpackers from several nationalities to call eachother by a common phrase)
"Oi nugguh, skinnin it up are you?"
"Finished that spliff already, now have you nugguh?!"
by jerry January 14, 2004

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