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Originalized in Wayne County, NC by some students. It means to "jigg" or tease someone or something.
"I'm about to skin yo' ass!"

"They were skinnin' my shoes."
by eebeeohh January 20, 2008
to be jiggin or bustin on someone. to completely own someone by making fun of them. african americans are the most likely ethnicity to be "skin masters" but other people can skin too.
rumored to have originated somewhere in eastern north carolina, this term is now prevalent in many regions in the southeastern united states.

variations include skinnin, skint, skinned, skinned on, skint on, got skint, was skinnin, will skin, etc.
Person 1: dude i like your shirt. I see that Salvation Army has a great selection these days.
Person 2: bitch. you skinnin.

Person 1: Your hair looks great. I bet it would look even better if it was washed.
Person 2: dammit stop skinnin on me.
Person 1: well what did you use to wash your hair? motor oil?
Person 3: damn he skinnin you up!

Person 1 (gives a crusher handshake to preson 2, breaking many bones)
Person 2: shit! I mean a firm handshake is great. but those killer handshakes, you know the one "I've got a small penis, I'll compensate with my handshake."
Person 1: bitch you skinnin.
by LiVee July 10, 2008
the act of making fun of, with an african american twist. very common in eastern north carolina.
BITCH, i will skin yo dunks!

BITCH, you skinnin??
by joed610 October 23, 2007
To skin someone is to say
"make your shirt is straight homo"
the kid being made fun of is being skint up
the other guy is Skinnin
Originated in E-DUB NC
to skin is the act of skinnin
by DEAN O February 04, 2009
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