Chicken Nugget, a fat person, usually a girl of the sweaty type.

Often shorterned to 'Nug'.
Thats one hardcore nug.
by Jo November 02, 2004
If you can't do it, nug it.
I couldn't do it, so I nug it.
by You know April 07, 2004
A butt that is so large and juicy, yet thick and strong.
"Holy sh*t! Check out that nugget!"
by Nick Payne March 21, 2004
A chunk of feces, usually when nutty.
"I found some cocao puffs on the ground, score!!!" "MMMMMHHHH Tasty"

"Dude that wasn't the cacoa puffs it was a poo nugget!!"

"It was still good."
by Bong Joos November 26, 2003
A kid at school who shit their pants
Nugget smells
by Anonymous September 11, 2003
Short and Round, otherwise known as an annoyance
by errr...danni March 12, 2003
a state of being. we aren't really sure what it means. see "off-kilter."
Sometimes I feel like a nugget.
by Graf March 12, 2003

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