A £1 coin.
"Who's going on the quiz machine?"
"Yeah I may as well, I've got a nugget"
by Stevie Crow May 16, 2010
A piece toilet paper or shit tanglel-rolled with butt hairs. Usually discovered when crack scrubbing in the shower or when something strange drifts in the bathtub around your knees. If left unattended, they dangle and rub and build up to a knoted ball which eventually pulls the hairs out.
"Joe is such a slob, I just saw an eight-day combo nugget rolled out of his pants leg."

"I bet her nuggets clang like windchimes when she squats."

Use wet wipes if you have the runs or you'll start a nugget farm.

"Do Not go down on that unless you want to floss with nugget strings."
by El Viejo April 28, 2010
hot ass chick, one thats got you wanting to keep around. better than the average chick whos after your junk.
nuggets get the prize
Megan Fox is a nugget. bomber than the avereage chick
by evans1988 December 06, 2009
Slang for head
"I stuck my head out the window,told him floor it the most and let my nugget ping off a light post" - Violent J from ICP
by JuggaloNinja304 August 25, 2009
Another name for amidget or little person. As heard on Chelsea Lately.
Dude look at that little nugget, he's gotta be only two feet tall!
by Kitch91 June 20, 2009
a small amount of weed(about half a gram) costs about 10-15 bucks and will fill up one blunt
i found a cronic seed in that nugget i had
by pimp master flux April 26, 2009
A midget with no legs or arms.
Don't look but that Nugget is checking you out!
by Alex K. K. January 16, 2009

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