Should be called oldist since it's usually ugly old wrinklies cavorting in the buff.
Whoa! Did you see the floppy bazonga's on that nudist!
by DeadMan January 20, 2004
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A person that typically prefers not to wear clothes when the situation permits. Not to be confused with streaker.
If you ever meet a nudist, just look them in the eyes.
by Zatu October 25, 2005
a person that does not believe in wearing clothes, thus being naked-nudist
did u see that naked nudist girl in the forest just run bye?
by cop_killa1121 February 18, 2004
nudists are generally pedophiles in disguise... (on the internet at least)
Guy1: Have you heard about the big Nudist conspiracy? Well they are all pedos, seriously! Look up 'nudists' in Google and you can already guess where I'm going!
Guy2: Dude, did you turn off safe search?
Guy1: oh, that'll probably.... Oh god, its still coming up!
by two really high guys April 15, 2013
people who are naked. They get better health by being outside in the cold winter air, which is equel to a 30 minute workout in the gym. and they get silky hair while they have refreshing sleep. They become more lean, do to chemical reasons, and they shave their dogs and childrens hair so as the whole family is nude.
Nudists dont care to wear underwear.
by Nora Annie Lou-Cob October 10, 2003
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