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someone who always hangs out naked at home or spends time in nudist places, while keeping it a secret from close family and/or friends or everyone they know.
"Why did Mike sprint away when he saw that guy at the nude beach?"
"Cuz he thought he recognized him from the neighborhood, and Mike is a total closet nudist!"
by YoungNaturistsAmerica February 08, 2011
Famous dude who stands in Times Square with his guitar in his underwear as a tourist attraction. Despite what the name would imply, he's not actually naked.
While we were touring around the city we got our picture taken with the naked cowboy!
by YoungNaturistsAmerica January 27, 2011
1. Any hot girl at a nudist resort or setting.

2. A guidette who decides to get naked at any point in time. Often follows the consumption of alcohol.
"Dude check out that nudette over there"
"Yeah I see her..you think those are real?"

"It took a day for someone to see my goods!"

-infamous guidette Deena Nicole Cortese
by YoungNaturistsAmerica January 25, 2011
A nudist hipster. Difficult to identify since they're not wearing any clothes.
Nude Guy: "Dude, that guy is definitely a nude-ster"

Nude Guy's friend: "I don't know, man, he's not wearing anything, gotta look at the hair.."
by YoungNaturistsAmerica July 08, 2012

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