A bomb or missile that is packed with explosives and plutonium or uranium to emit radiation.
Terrorists were planning to explode a nuclear weapon over Los Angeles
by Charlie September 07, 2003
The best way to end a war!
We should drop our nuclear weapons on France!
by Svexson September 15, 2003
Items of which KK and Doom want to use on those damn sand niggers.
We should go and use our nuclear weapons on Osama's ass.
by James Bourne September 10, 2003
What happens when you misuse the knowledge revealed by a genius.
President Bush would like to use Nuclear Weapons to take over the world.
by Mystery Man January 28, 2003
1)weapon that splits atoms at an exponential rate releasing a fucking shit load of energy and incinerating stupid people and leveling an extremely large blast radius. It also releases an electromagnetic pulse that will shut down power to anything that just didn't take the fucking clue and turn into dust.
2)Jekei's ass
"Nagasaki got 0wn3d with nuclear fucking weapons!"
"Jekei's ass nuked johns toilet and keith puked due to the demonic fumes left in the air."
by Matt September 07, 2003
Those new fangled weapons that you can see through!
That's why we can't find any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, they're nuclear weapons!
by Doco The Magic Dragon and Larry September 08, 2003
It is made by God Damn bloody bastards ... Their mother fuck'n ass hole bitches..

It can destroy our world... Damn..
Bush made Damn nuclear weapon threats..
by Anonymous September 04, 2003
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