adj. root:nub
to be of the extreme nub persuasion; very much like a nub

syn:nubbish, noobish, n00bish
Oh, dude, that was an utterly nubbly shot.
by SpillZ March 12, 2004
Top Definition
adj., smaller than bumps and larger than stubble.
Linda's vibrator is nubbly like goosebumps.
by roger the fabricator February 16, 2004
the name given to a person or pet who exhibits one or more of the following traits:
1) A shorter stature than most.
2) Lilliputian hands, paws and / or feet.
3) A lack of fingernails, due most likely to excessive chewing.
person 1: oh look at the little nubblies over there
person 2: are you pointing to the pet store or that cute, short girl?
person 1: either one works.
by squiznot. June 06, 2006
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