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Meaning: descendent of bear
The Mahoney's are descendents of Brian Boru, ancient king of Ireland.
by the_referee March 05, 2009
adjective or a noun 1) to be so awsome 2) suvstitute for awsome 2) outragous 3) to be so awsome and sexy that you dont have to do much to get what you want 4)being so random that it doesnt make sense but it is still funny and sometimes attractive
"Hey that guy is so mahoney" the man walked down the street no one noticing how Mahoney he acutally was. "This park is mahoney. The gang looked like they were almost mahoney status
by Raktore Rasha November 14, 2011
Eating a loud crunchy food, such as corn nuts, in the close vicinity of someone trying to concentrate.
That bitch pulled a mahoney when I was trying to take the SAT.
by hesKEET May 03, 2006
An unnaturally endowed man. Having male genitalia comparable to that of a horse.
"I am not sure I can have a second date with that girl, her last boyfriend was a real mahoney."
by NegativeEL3ment February 19, 2013
White people. Neither derogetory or complimentary. Why? Well do you know any Black people named Mahoney? 'Nuf said.
Guy 1-Yo, Where you going today?
Guy 2-I gotta go downtown and fuck with them Mahoneys.
by BigBad Wolf June 08, 2006
Vodka and OJ drink (Screwdriver) in remembrance of "Mahoney" Saatkamp.
There's no vodka in this Mahoney!!
by Noko Resident July 19, 2011
a fairly large person resembling some kind of cartoon character that lives in the swamp, has an self amusement problem (masturbates too much) and tends to lie frequently.
That kid is such a mahoney
by jerry1414 March 25, 2011
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