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Nubbits are piss-flaps.
She ad' nubbits like John Waynes saddle-bags!
by Steve CHUTER November 28, 2006
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A large out of control dust bunny. When a person feels that something gets out of hand or when someone acts like an idiot, a person will say "Gosh Nubbit!"
You go the the cash register and the clerk won't shut up about Justin Bieber. You scream, "Gosh Nubbit!!!!!"
by Stars&skull October 08, 2010
slang for the male gonad or reproductive gland, either of two oval glands located in the scrotum.
Your going to freeze your nubbits off.
by zeara November 19, 2010
A sub form of the latin "nub", comes the the word nubbit. A special type of nub that only can be called nubbit in a certain circumstance. A nubbit is a nub that performed a very nub-like move. Nub-like moves are defined by the victim of the nubbing and can only be deemed "nub-like" if the victim was extremely nubbed.

Nubbit is by far the worst type of nub and exceeds a nublet-niggit by some degree.

Please use this word with caution; the consequences of this word may/can be harmful.
Victim: What the fuck is this nub doing?
Nub: Hahaha. get owned u little whore.
Victim: Wow, I didn't know there is more than a fucking nublet-niggit. this guy is a fuckin nubbit!
by THE ONLY NUB February 15, 2009

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