They way a noob spells "noob".
noob: 0m9 y0u nub I'd pwn j00.
me: at least i can spell noob.
by supersmasher1007 January 03, 2007
the nipple on a man pluaral is nubs
Id love to suck your nubs Josh
by movieman March 05, 2006
Somone with a big mouth and a small dick.

Me: Go to bed nub.
by Odyss3y July 02, 2005
A newbie, esp. one that is too stupid to be called a newb.

Note that nub is not pronnounced "newb" or "noob". "Nub" rhymes with "sub" and "tub".
New players who are ignorant are called newbs. Players who are not new but still ignorant are called nubs.
by Isurus May 04, 2005
nüb is usually someone with the name alex, or aaron which makes them more nub than usual because theyre name is alex or aaron. nüb is like a nub but more harsh.
aaron: im so uber 1337, lets go play
1337 guy: your not 1337
aaron: *grins*
1337 guy: nüb.....
by Alex the nüb April 27, 2005
A person who is a newbie at something, variation of the popular term n00b or newbie
Look at that Counter-Strike nub who doesn't even know how to buy weapons. Sad.
by maasa hiroki April 02, 2005
nub=newb,noob ect. A good way to explain retarded people who blow a the game.
NUB: ROFLZOR!1! GG ...........PWNT!!!!!!!!! You: HAH STUPID NUB PLS CRY
by :) February 14, 2005

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