New. Something that wasn't there before (but which now Is).
Yo, what's nu? After centuries in mystical realms, the Chwezi just returned!
by nemesisfixx December 13, 2014
short for "and you?"
friend: sup?
you: nm, n u?
friend: nm.
by Hans Henrik October 30, 2010
Nu = just a different way of spelling new
John: Dat a nu shirt ?

Mike: Yea.
by Chamillitary810 March 16, 2007
A slang greeting meaning hi or hello etc.
A: Nu mate what you been up to?
B: Not much
by Glen O'Grady October 25, 2007
You are a newbie. You are new!
u r nu. "you are nu"
by juan October 25, 2004
The Entity
Make up your mind!
by 0niTTRay October 06, 2003
A trademark appearing on vacuum tubes manufactured by National Union.
by BlastMaster June 19, 2003
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