Expression used as an aside in conversation as a self-reminder for future reference.

The phrase is a tongue-in-cheek acknowledgement of our era of Daytimers, Palm Pilots and other personal organizers. It is said as if the speaker was recording his thoughts on tape or some other medium.
Note to self: don't mention ex-girlfriends on next date.

So ... interested in dessert?
by DrAstroZoom July 09, 2004
"I must remind myself"
Note to self, as in "Note to self, remember never to proposition women in bars who have with tattoos AND piercings AND crew cuts. "
by Luigi July 09, 2004
Spoken or demonstrative reminder to alter behavior or conduct a future task, often intended to be humorous or self-deprecating.
Note to self; think twice before walking backwards.
by kinsmed July 10, 2004
verbal form of mental indexing.
origins dating back to early 90's sitcom parker lewis can't lose who made use of "mental notes".
janes cable goes out. "note to self - call the cable company tomorrow."
by yorail May 11, 2005
One of those things you scribble on your hand shortly before washing them both.
Why is it necessary to also have an example in order to submit a deffinition? I shall write a note to myself to send UD an email about this subject. There, done. Now I'm off to the shower.
by cbeck July 11, 2004
A verbal quip that typically precedes a statement the speaker might remember. Typically used humorously, often in a denigrating fashion.
Note to self, flog Bill with a loaf of bread for that pun.
by ke6isf July 09, 2004
funny website where you can write advice for everyone to see
Note to self, Check for dishes before pissing in the sink.
by ntself January 04, 2011
A way of voicing a mental note when other people are around. It could be a lesson learned, a picked up piece of information, etc.
(After stepping into mud): "Note to self, don't wear Nike shoes in the forest next time!"
by Nadia July 09, 2004
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