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Phrase used when the lord is actually not so good.
Good lord! What do you mean they are going to repo my BMW?!
by cbeck July 19, 2004
One of those things you scribble on your hand shortly before washing them both.
Why is it necessary to also have an example in order to submit a deffinition? I shall write a note to myself to send UD an email about this subject. There, done. Now I'm off to the shower.
by cbeck July 11, 2004
ebonics altrernative to brown noser.
"Man, watchu all up in dat teacha lady's biznus fo? Stop bein sucha crack snacker an stand on ya own."
by cbeck July 28, 2004
supporting word for sexual encounters.
Hell yah... I had that bitch fuckity split.
by cbeck July 11, 2004
A tart berry (little lee-way please) who's tasters can't quite figure if it's good or not. Despite problems with an outside lack of intelligence, the shrubbery's approval ratings seem to stay above those of Johnberry.
I ate a Shrubbery and couldn't feel my tounge afterwards.
by cbeck July 11, 2004
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