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The opposite of "ya rly," yet another possible response to "o rly?."
<TEH_AISE> o rly?
<Guest832> rly
<TEH_AISE> o rly?
<Guest211> ya rly
<TEH_AISE> o rly?
<x62bda02> not rly
by 62bda02 September 09, 2005
Measure of the level to which something (especially a Flash animation) demonstrates the wildcard, random, trademark qualities of the work of Neil Cicierega, the father of Flash animutation--for example, the presence of Canadian actor Colin Mochrie would add to this factor, as well as use of random images or music of indeterminable origin.
"Your movie had a straightforward storyline, but the occasional cicieregicity added so much to the humor!"
by 62bda02 November 02, 2005
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