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The final in the:
O Rly, Ya Rly, No Wai sequence.
"I squished a spider"
"O Rly?"
"Ya Rly"
"No Wai"
"No Not Rly"
by Mr.Eggels February 16, 2006
A Moblog website whose main attraction is the massive amounts of DG pr0n and realm of Jarody
Realm of Jarody
by Mr.Eggels February 19, 2006
Verb: To BackHand a friend/co-worker/stranger in the chest, while screaming 'Step Down'. A form of humiliation.
*backhands your chest*
by Mr.Eggels February 28, 2006
>.O means "tweaking" in G33k talk.

Can also be spelt: >.o or: >.0
"I like Tater Chips!"
by Mr.Eggels February 19, 2006

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