Someone who is a real hunk.
Oghh look at 'im. he's a real NOsh, that one
by kalla kalla July 28, 2009
To masturbate while very sexualy frustrated.
Jimmy noshed one off the day after his girlfriend dumped him.
by acidic94 December 02, 2009
nosh is sexy
nosh. your mum
by Bob the almighty March 30, 2009
to be in a state of relaxation
yo i have been noshing all day
by Noshnosh May 10, 2009
Straight up it refers to a "snack" between meals, but as slang the snack is preferably a crotch, be it male or female, depending upon your preference.
According to the Oxford Dictionary it is of Yiddish origin. The other Yiddishism commonly linked to going down is to fress.
The Brits do get credit for expanding on it with a "nosh-up", a large meal. So you can bloody well stuff it up your arse John Bull.
She usually prefers it doggy style, but she does like it when I nosh on her before.
by JCHengwyte April 05, 2007
All of the above definitions are WRONG.
NOSH is East-London Cockney street-slang for food, NOT Yiddish for snack- Polish Jew migrants borrowed the term during their short stay before travelling on to America.
Read a damn book you illiterate, ignorant Americans.
"Blimey guv, I need a dose o' nosh" (Blind me, governor (boss) I need some food (sic: for I am hungry).

by John Bulloock December 08, 2006
A person finds another person attractive in a sexual way.
'oh look at him over there, he's a right nosh'
'yeah my fella, what a nosh'
by Caseeeey February 21, 2008

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