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describing getting ones cock (or vagina) sucked by a girl/boy who performed the oral sex 'with all her heart & soul' and made a right meal of it. Cant get enough of cock sex...

Derivative from 'Nosh', British slang for food.
Pauline gave me a right good proper 'noshing' last night, she swallowed the lot

i was up late last night getting a good 'noshing' from the Mrs

She looks horny, i bet she well loves a good noshing
#oral sex #cocksucking #fellatio #blow job #fucking
by SCoupland July 05, 2006
describing ones anus, UK 'posh joke slang'

'Bovril' is hot brown coloured savoury beef type beverage drink, made from a spoonful of very thick poo like substance that comes in jars...called Bovril

you should know what a Boulevard is...
I'm not gay, but i luv it when my girlfriend slips me the finger up the 'Bovril Boulevard' when i'm just about to cum...
#anus #bum #poop hole #ring piece #rectum
by SCoupland July 05, 2006
describing a powerful xtc tablet, the 'ripper' is meaning it was a fucking good xtc tab (only) , very trippy and rushy - kind of like highest order xtc description from hardcore (ab)users
that pill i dropped in the niteklub last night was a fucking ripper - i was peaking for hours.

That pill was a right ripper - i was rushing like fuck for hours...
#extacy #narcotic #pills #tablets #rushing
by SCoupland July 05, 2006
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