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Maybe sometimes looked at as a blowjob/oral sex
Husband says: any chance of a Nosh dear

Wife replies: No Nosh
by buzzinbeeny April 10, 2008
badmin is used towards someone who's adminstration is up his arse, all over the place

Bad Admin
Simon: hey, come on kris, get your crap together and lets go
Kris: where's my beret, ffs, where's my keys
Beenie: Kris come on, we are going to be late man,
Simon: God come on Badmin
Beenie: yea, come on Badmin
Kris: FFS this is bollocks...
by buzzinbeeny April 12, 2008
squared means sorted, done, completed, roger, ok,

that the job has been done and all is ok

A squaddie telling someone what to do and the other person sayin back it's all squared sgt
sgt: John have you sorted out the wounded personel over there in the RTA (road traffic acciendent)

John: yes sgt, it's all been squared
by buzzinbeeny April 12, 2008
simple really, it's someone who keeps an eye out for his friends/mates/buddies etc on a night out down town
12 lads go out down town, while one lad will be choosen to stay sober, his job, is to keep an eye on things and notice anything that could go wrong, to either tell the group to leave and go to the next bar or stop it before it happens.

Don't worry, everyone has there turn, plus side, who ever is on shark watch gets his cokes free all night :-)
by buzzinbeeny April 12, 2008

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