v. to eat
n. food, meal

also nosh-up - a big meal
He was hungry and desperate to mosh.
I sat down to a big plate of nosh.

We went to the corner cafe for a good nosh-up.
by Humfry Bogus November 11, 2006
–verb (used without object)
to snack or eat between meals.

–verb (used with object)
to snack on

a snack.
Girl one: That dude makes me sappy.

Girl two: You should nosh on him. Just sayin.
by natbrutat November 21, 2010
nuts, balls, testicles
Stop sploshin your noshes!!!
by midnlil December 08, 2003
Getting a gum job off a lady with false teeth.
Come here love, give us a nosh
by noshin'ell July 14, 2011
yes/no; used when you don't feel like making a decision because you are speaking with a dumbass
Max- "Yo Juan, are you a whompus?"

Juan- "NOSH"
by Wh0/\/\pu$ Juan June 20, 2011
the name given to the coolest guys in birmingham.
"you know the NOSH lads?"
"They're so cool"
by MandyManiac September 03, 2008
to give or recieve sexual gratification using limbs.
she would get a slight noshing in the bean with my hand.
by THEgypsyking October 08, 2009

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