a small, skateboarding snack making keebler elf, believed to soon die in a vat of boiling hot fudge and elf urine.
nosh baked the tasty treats for all the little children to enjoy, then died in the fudge!
by the great shrink November 11, 2006
NOSH. Short for- NO SHIT!
Alvin: "Dude, that was fucking funny!"
Jeramiah: "NOSH!"
by Alvin Lee October 20, 2004
1)random shout
2)no shit
1) NOSH!
2) dude. nosh. the sky is blue.
3) SWEET! that flip was NOSH!!!
4) That was nosh
by Zeros May 28, 2005
A person whom has sex with food

N. Noshee
Ewwww, that guy was just noshing with the french onion dip, and now it kinda looks spoiled
by Squeak Johanson April 16, 2004
Pronounced with a long 'O' like nose.
This is a form of g-slang when a person wants to say, "No $h!t" but needs to keep their vocabulary clean.
Dave: "Can you believe I bought these shoes for three dollars?!"
Sweets: "Nosh?!!"
by Fantoastic November 21, 2014
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