Top Definition
To repeatedly stick your nose into or around a womans vagina.
To penetrate your nose with your finger over and over until a gooey fluid emerges.
"...My tongue got sore so i nose fucked her instead"
"*Sniff Sniff* i need a nose fuck"
by Community Serve Ice October 11, 2005
An act of ejaculating into the partners nose.
Vlado got nosefucked by Ramadan and Martin!
by Dabonez July 14, 2006
Using your nose to pleasure someone....
Why don't you go nosefuck an arsehole...
by blindsailor January 06, 2012
To stick your prostate up a womens nose repeatedly until you ejaculate out of her tear gland in her eye
"Snort snot.. AHhh me oho that is one harsh nose fuck!"
by saucy cream cheese bedroom April 30, 2006

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