tough neighborhood in minneapolis where real gangstas roll. old shoes hangin on power lines and crack dealers on every corner.
my friend got clapped when we went to north side
by nasir escobar April 10, 2005
a school located in chicago, illinois.
a majority of students are asian.
also known as "nerdside."
Northside is the 24th ranking school in the nation.
by who am i? December 04, 2007
A group of immature ghetto- like gang that likes weed, marijuana, sex, and swear words or vulgar language. See North Side Playa, East Side.
by Anonymous September 12, 2003
place iN $aN Jo where da hardezt muthafuckaz $tay. alzo kNowN az da Nortoriouz NORTH $ide
where u 4rm vato
NORTH $ide $aN Jo watz up homeboy
by N$$J RYDA 408 April 25, 2005
An exclamation of disgust or humor towards someone trying to be cool to fit into a social group, with little knowledge of what the group is about; being clumsy and unaware of what's going on.

Synonym: poser
"Oh, great! North Side, Tommy!"

"That new kid was all, 'North Side'!

"Stop trying to be 'North Side,' man."
by Juanski Miklowski October 19, 2004
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