When you're not dead, when you still can walk en talk then you're normal.
Tom: "Emiel you where absolutely fucked last night. How many Ouzo did you had, 32?"
Emiel: "Yes i had, but i could still walk and talk, I was normal."
by Baco August 16, 2007
Not a greb, a skater or a townie, or any other group of people, but they are usually opposed to townies, and will help in a fight between a greb and a townie, usually on the grebs side.
Normal person:(to greb)check out that idiot townie!
Greb:(to normal person)Yeah, hes such an idiot, beating up that 2 year old!
Normal person:Lets go help!
by G.R.E.B February 14, 2005
somthing decided as a norm by a group or as a group
Who ever thinks he's gay say "I"
by SPAWN-ANGEL March 03, 2004
Normal is taken many different ways,in socializing it means to fit in. To not stand out but blend in. In other ways it means to be alright, okay, the usual.
In another sense it's used to describe onself and others, mostly it is used to judge
Everything here looks normal go back to what you were doing
by thinking of summer July 07, 2015
Normal is something that no individual truly is.
Normal is nothing more than a setting on a washing machine.
Guy 1 - "Dude, did you see that girl? She's so normal."
Guy 2 - "Dude, no one can be normal. It's not physically possible."
by don't.mess.with.me April 30, 2015
Normal is usually used by the general society to generalise the things they do everyday. Watching TV, for example, is considered normal. Except, that is isn't the case. Who is exactly, normal? Normal was made by people who think that everyone else that act much differently to them are not-normal. You see, Normal is Relative. To explain, Bronies are typically perceived by society as fat losers who share an unhealthy obsession to a cartoon made for little girls. They, however, see themselves as completely normal human beings who share a love for a television program.

A lot of things generally perceived as Normal by society's standards are horribly dangerous. Like sitting. Sitting is an extremely dangerous thing to do that will destroy your long-term life span and yet billions of us do it every single fucking day. Snorting cocaine is considered normal among models but not among "Normal" people. Drinking coffee is considered "Normal" among Americans but not among Turks. Running 25 kilometers every morning is considered "Normal" among athelets but not among lazy people.

The point is...
Normal is Relative
by MehShotgun February 23, 2015
1) what is socially acceptable

2) How people believe other people should act
Being with a group of people and preaching the gospel can be normal. But being around a different group of people and talking about the gospel can be view as very weird. Therefore "normal" depends on what in different social groups is accepted.

I am social, and my friends accept me, therefore I am normal (to them)

"It is weird to be normal and normal to be weird" -Dr Seuss
by Daniexo November 17, 2013
What everybody actually is underneath all the bullshit. The idea that normal is a bad thing is introduced into the minds of the young and impressionable to fuck them up by people who get off on ruining peoples lives and cashing in on it. Normal is healthy and sane.
Arseclown: 'You're so normal lolz'

Normal Guy: 'Eat shit and die like everybody else'
by boringnormalguy December 06, 2012

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