When you're not dead, when you still can walk en talk then you're normal.
Tom: "Emiel you where absolutely fucked last night. How many Ouzo did you had, 32?"
Emiel: "Yes i had, but i could still walk and talk, I was normal."
by Baco August 16, 2007
Normal is anything that doesnt involve chickens or latex .. unless youre into that sort of thing .. then the chickens and latex would be quite normal .. but hampsters would be way out .. unles you were into that sort of thing and were sponsored by a Duct tape manufacturer .. then maybe all 3 of those would be normal .. and chopsticks would be beyond reproach .. unless you were into that sort of thing
Normal people do not insert gerbils
by EwNeeK February 26, 2009
Not a greb, a skater or a townie, or any other group of people, but they are usually opposed to townies, and will help in a fight between a greb and a townie, usually on the grebs side.
Normal person:(to greb)check out that idiot townie!
Greb:(to normal person)Yeah, hes such an idiot, beating up that 2 year old!
Normal person:Lets go help!
by G.R.E.B February 14, 2005
somthing decided as a norm by a group or as a group
Who ever thinks he's gay say "I"
by SPAWN-ANGEL March 03, 2004
1) what is socially acceptable

2) How people believe other people should act
Being with a group of people and preaching the gospel can be normal. But being around a different group of people and talking about the gospel can be view as very weird. Therefore "normal" depends on what in different social groups is accepted.

I am social, and my friends accept me, therefore I am normal (to them)

"It is weird to be normal and normal to be weird" -Dr Seuss
by Daniexo November 17, 2013
To be Normal is the Ideal aim of the Unsuccessful
I am sooo normal
by MagnyME November 15, 2010
Normal? Normal all depends on society's current definition. Normal is society's accepted limits on a person's occupation, appearance, background, views on life/religion, and personality. Normal is a crock of shit. In a world of nearly 7 billion, the radical differences between all people don't allow for a definition on what is the average human being. Be whoever the hell you want to be, and tell society to shove it up their ass. Stop trying to define, and start trying to live
Moron 1- "See that guy with the weird clothes listening to Indie music with that anarchy sticker on his laptop?"

Moron 2- "Yeah, ew. What a freak."

Guy- "Shove it up your ass. Normal is just a statistic."
by SocialFauxPas April 16, 2011
the worst word on the face of the earth. used to discriminate and attack those who are unique in their own way, this word is even worse than the word " fuck". it was brought on by this cruel society to destroy people inside as well as out. and for those who strive to be normal, you're waisting their time. JUST BE YOURSELF. "NORMAL" IS A FUCKTARDED WORD!!!!!!!!!!!! IT SHOULD BE CRUCIFIED!!!!!!!!!!!!! and besides, a normal person is boring anyway. i'm not going to apologize for cursing. that's just the way i feel about this issue.
i don't like people who aren't normal. so i'm gonna make those who aren't normal feel bad to make myself feel good.
by arch2293488 January 13, 2011

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