a word that was created orginaly by the mentally insane themselves, with no other purpose or meaning but to lie to themself into boosting their self confidence.
"i am so abnormal that i am more normal than you are"
by lactated chease November 08, 2007
weird is "a person, place or occurance that is abnormal" but what exactly is normal...nobody is the same so u can't pick one person that is normal... So everybody is weird there is no such thing as a normal person.
"I'm not like u and ur not like me so we must both be weird."

It's normal to have a dog.
Oh really, so i'm not normal?
by sbauman July 26, 2005
The pepperoni is on top of the cheese on a pizza.
Mom: "Do you want the pepperoni on top of the cheese?"
MacKenzie: "Yeah, that's the normal way."
by ifucklikeatiger June 22, 2011
Located in the middle of corn land Illinois, home of the red birds of ISU as well as a large and extremely intrusive police force. At the school you will find lots of greenery! The town is known for the mandatory minimum and the laddies. Everything else is normal.
Normal police are at it again.

Yo let's hit up the bars at down town Normal

Does this look Normal?- Nah, you should get that checked out.
by MerckSauce27 May 01, 2011
something that people use to be mean to people who arent like them
kate: omg you are so weird

tom: omg youre so normal
everybody: ohhh burnnnnn!
by jkblsafbhjdsfvfg May 15, 2010
Normal is taken many different ways,in socializing it means to fit in. To not stand out but blend in. In other ways it means to be alright, okay, the usual.
In another sense it's used to describe onself and others, mostly it is used to judge
Everything here looks normal go back to what you were doing
by thinking of summer July 07, 2015
Normal is used to describe the most common behavior in society. It is often contrasted with abnormal or weird behavior. Those considered weird are sometimes ostracized by society.
Josh is not normal, he is really weird. We probably shouldn't hang out with him.
by Billbobjoe1984 December 19, 2014
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