a word or phrase which yields no search results on google.
searching google for the word "overdrasticated" yields no results, hence it is a noogle.
by thewebguy March 21, 2006
Top Definition
A nickname for new Google employees. Derived from the propeller hats that say "Noogle" which they are given their first day on the job.
Look at that noogle in the ball pit.
by Jojo Krako December 07, 2007
A collection of stories, headlines and links for news sites arranged in an aggregated space on one page.
newsnoogle.biz etc.
by Baron Smart May 06, 2008
A sports team that loses a lot but still manages to be pretty darn lovable
Those bunch of Noogles might not be any good on the field, but they're great at the bar after.
by picniclightning April 30, 2009
To google something nerdy and irrelevant which would kind of make you look like an asshole depending on who you're talking to; Googling information that will never impress anyone you hope to fuck and in fact could alienate someone you're already fucking.
Noogling is usually motivated by bored curiosity or a desire to prove yourself right. E.g. "What is the origin of the phrase feeling under the weather?" Or "Which is more grammatically correct: All of THE sudden or all of A sudden?"

Sometimes followed immediately by an attempt to noogle the word that means that feeling of linguistic superiority when you confirm you're right or even just mostly right, and everyone who says all of THE sudden should be shot in the face before they can spread their subpar DNA around the planet like so much dandelion filth.
by Jennoyed May 23, 2014
The Noogle is the most amazing search Engine ever created. The Noogle is the Google but created by a man that has an antenna coming out of his backpack. This man is brilliant and created the Noogle. The Noogle is the remedy to all your troubles in life.
Excuse me, I couldn't find this on Google....Could you Noogle it?!
by The Wegians February 20, 2011
A single volume notch on a television or stereo.
Jeff just lower the volume a few noogles!
by hockeyguy1181 October 18, 2009
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