To be blessed by the Flying Spaghetti Monster's Noodly Appendage.
Pirates have been noodled by His Noodly Appendage.
by A Pirate June 22, 2012
Top Definition
Getting Noodled, the act of Noodling or to get the Noodle is when a male slut practices in the art of fornication.
1: Nick sure Noodled that girl last night
2: She got the Noodle
by Noodle Supporter February 29, 2012
A state of intoxication that is just beyond tatored where the drunken sot is too shitty to function.
"Dude, I shouldn't even be working right now! I was just going to have a few at the pub last night, but I ended up getting totally noodled!"
by markishmark June 12, 2008
To spoon a cuckold after having sex with another man ensuring ample man juice 'noodles' onto him from the magicians sleeve in an effort to degrade and cause jealousy.
"The wife noodled me again last night Boris, I feel so shit and worthless"
by Turbo303 February 20, 2014
intoxication at a level only achieved through smashing it hard.
i got noodled with nobby!
by whipinator December 03, 2010
To own someone at Call Of Duty.
Oh! Did you just see that quick scope? That noob got noodled!!!!
by scout11594 March 01, 2011
Verb - When your girlfriend has had too much to drink and can't stand up.
I had to throw my chick on my shoulder and carry her up the stairs cause she noodled on me.
by I spit Urban fire October 23, 2008
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