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A greater noob. One who sucks so much they get pwned by noobs. That one friend that every one has that sucks at all the games they play. Such a big noob he got pwned with all the dinosaurs.
OH i pwned you! you Noobasaurus rex
by zachary pease November 08, 2006
The apitamy of noob. Someone who is a total noob and can't hide their maximun noobism.
Noob: Why do they call it Halo? Is it because that big ring thing in the sky?

Not Noob: You are such a Noobasaurus Rex.
by hiphopanonymous12 January 18, 2011
The work Noobasaurus rex came to be one day when a noob got owned by another noob while looking at a picture of a dinosaur thus earning the same noobasaurus rex.
After getting beat my a noob tommy got this message...Sorry I just raffled pwned your face you little noobasaurus rex you!
by RyannnnnA November 15, 2007
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