One who does not follow the norms of their overall society or culture.

The irony of one who claims to be a nonconformist is that they do conform to their society or culture to some extent. For example, unless he or she made up a language only he or she knows, he or she do share the same language with others in his or her culture or society, and therefore he or she is a conformist in that respect.

If one to were to learn a bit about modern psychology, he or she would discover that nonconformists are almost nonexistent.
Lindsay: Think for yourself.

Elise: I won't follow your advice. I won't "think for myself." I am a nonconformist.
by Commonsense September 04, 2012
(N) Someone who has a mind of their own.
Conformist : "You're such a poser because you smoked weed."

Non-Conformist : "Actually, I smoked weed because I wanted to so shove it up your ass, you hipocryt."
by _fedexdreams April 06, 2008
See conformist.
I'm a nonconformist, just like my friends! By consciously avoiding the status quo, I've created a new one!
by BradHD January 10, 2004
While sometimes hypocritical - it does vary.
You can't generalize on this definition.
there are the hypocrites and those who really truly believe in non-comformity.
hypocritical NC : god, everyone likes modest mouse now ! I liked them 1stt and like so i muss hate them now !

NC : I don't like all that punk rock shit and I won't pretend I do. Sure, you can like it if you want but i'm not going to pretend I do like it.
by marc March 12, 2005
a person who does what they want, not what society wants and doesnt care about fashion, vanity, others opinions etc. nonconformists arent emos. NOT EMO, emos are anticonformists,who are annoying, and are actually just conforming to something else, and should be exterminated. anyone with an education beyond the 4th grade knows this.
prep/conformist: OMG, lik lets totalllly go out and parteeeee!!!!!!!111

emo: if your going to a party, im gonna go home and cut myself and feel sorry for myself.

nonconformist: im gonna go and get a smiley face tatoo on my ass because i want to.
by madman 88 May 11, 2009
Someone who is smart enough not to follow the latest fad whether it be clothes, products, labels, games, websites, and does not care what others think.
Urban Dictionary sucks!!!!

(example should have included the word "nonconformist")
by hang in there August 22, 2008
A person who refuses to be a "conformist sheep", but usually just ends up conforming to a different standard than most people. In the 1950s, the "nonconformists" were the beakniks, in the 1960s there were hippies, in the 1970s freakers came along, in the 1980s punks and goths emerged as the new standard of nonconformity, etc.
STAN: "How do I become a nonconformist?"

GOTH KID: "You have to dress the same way we do, and listen to the same kind of music we like."
by Deej July 24, 2004
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