An oxymoron since people who try to be nonconformists tend to conform to a "guideline" of nonconformity. As you can see, this makes no sense whatsoever.
That nonconformist bought some trendy studded pants from Hot Topic and a bunch of buttons which he pinned to his bookbag, thus causing him to look and dress just like a hundred-thousand other nonconformists.
by Dassh July 25, 2004
okay, we should all stop with this conforming, label, sterotype thing. people are people. let them do what they want. everyone is different.
non-conformist is also label.
by floatingworld March 06, 2006
People who dont follow fads or fashion or are against classing and grouping, quite often 'goth', but really do those things because of the fact that they call theselves non-conformists and everyone else conformists of non-non-conformists or whatever. Some are just wannabes, and just say 'everyone likes that and im a non-conformist, so i cant like that'. A real non-conformist would like stuff before it was fashonable, during its fashionableness and after its gone out of fashion.
Ewmigosh look at those pants (insertnamehere) is wearing!

Week later: Oh yeah these pants are hot!

Week after that: (insertnamehere) is still wearing those pants. They are soo last week.
Im such a non-conformist. Everyone likes and wears earrings. I hate earrings now.
by Lisah April 16, 2006
a person who does not fit in to normal society, either knowingly or subconsciously.
that guy over there doesnt fit in with anyone, hes such a non conformist
by -cliche- October 30, 2007
Oxymoron. A person who tries to be completely different than all other people in order to get attention.
Steve wore all black, pale makeup and thick boots to school to be different.....until he saw all the other "non-conformists" at school.
by whateva April 23, 2005
A person who goes on about how s/he is incredibly against stereo-types (generally by shopping at Hot Topic, fancy that) and prefers to hang in the company of other 'non-conformists,' while they live in the facade that they're a special and different from everyone else. However, in reality, when you look upon a crowd of self-proclaimed non-comformists, you really don't notice any signifigance between them. So, in simple terms, all the non-comformists looking to look different, all look the same.
Non-comformists love their conformity.
by Hickaboopabob June 09, 2005
Someone who is something that everyone is trying to be
nonconformists are conformists.
by floppers16 October 10, 2009

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