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The latest trend in pop culture, seen heavily in examples of Emo. Nonconformity itself is to be your own person, and to shun the local trends and live for yourself.

Of course, these days everyone is a nonconformist together: not listening to classic rock together, not wearing regular clothes together, and not loving your perfectly fine life together.

Yet, there shines a glimmer of hope, for there are a few true nonconformists out there, the ones who do what they want, whether or not someone else likes it. Unfortunately, these people are usually seen as nerds, and are quickly dismissed. Of course, the nonconformist doesn't care at all.
Pop Nonconformist: Let's go do something different for a change, cuz I know everyone else will love me for it and think I'm cool!

True Noncanformist: I'm gonna go spraypaint a tomato on my ass, and I don't care what you think.
by Unit No. 554789312 November 07, 2005
One who doesn't conform to modern social views. In Western society this would mean listening to whatever you want, wearing whatever you want, etc. regardless of the views of any social group.

It is important to note that those who listen to emo music and wear stereotypically emo clothes, for example, are not non-conformists; they are just brainless prats. They don't actually want to listen to the music that they do, they simply do it in order to fit into a social group (conforming).
There is no non-conformist group; non-conformist refers to an individual. As such, any group of people that say they are non-conformists (for example, goths, emos, punks etc.) aren't actually non-conformist. They are just brainless prats, as described above.
by Lord of the Pies May 12, 2006
something alot of people claim nonexistant to the contrairy however it does exist. it has nothing to do with clothes or music. a nonconformist will listen to music they like regardless of the fan base. theyll wear cloths THEY like which could be pajamas or hollister, who cares its what they want for there own reasons. emo is NOT nonconformity nor is gangster. punk is a label that spawned from nonconformity but is not it itself. nonconformity is NOT someone who wears cloths or music that specificly draws attention to there differences, thats just rebellion.
kid 1:that emo kids wearing a naruto shirt. he wants to be just another conforming fanboy.

kid 2:that or he likes Naruto, who knows?

nonconformist are tipically smarter than your average joe.
by tripfire August 19, 2008
A Non-Conformist is suppost to be about being yourself.

Now it's just what everyone defines themselves because its "cool".
person #1: I'm a Non-Conformist!
person #2: Yeah, Just Like Everybody Else!
by your stupid if you non-conform October 19, 2007
a person who usually does things differently from the majority of people, not for the sake of being different and special, but because they prefer to do so.
As a nonconformist, Alex doesn't care if a band is bashed my many people, he still listens to them and admits that because he likes their music.
by goosebumpbb August 23, 2010
non-conformists do whatever they want, because they can, and they don't care. they like what's in style, what's out of style, and what will never be in style, all because they don't really care about what anyone else thinks. often confused with wannabe non-conformists, who refuse to like anything in style and are conforming to a different set of rules, as opposed to a real non-conformist who doesn't really notice that he or she is not conforming.
everyone thinks non-conformists are just conforming to being a non-conformist.
but we don't care... because that's just your conformed thinking speaking.
wannabe non-conformist: you think you're a non-conformist? you're so emo for wearing black nail polish. so you're not a non-conformist because you think you're emo. ew.

non-conformist: i like wearing black nail polish, but i also dance around in my underwear singing toxic by britney spears. half of my clothes are "emo", but the other half are hot pink. i do whatever i want and i don't care.

wannabe non-conformist: uhmm you're such a poser and a wannabe.

non-conformist: no, it's your conformed thinking that has drawn that conclusion.

wannabe non-conformist: i was jay kay i actually like all that stuff too.

* * *

usually, i don't shop at hollister, but if i see a shirt that i like i'll buy it, because being a non-conformist doesn't mean you aren't allowed to shop at typically preppy stores.
by jayyy ( : August 18, 2008
Technically speaking a Non-Conformist chooses their path for reasons outside of some commonly observed trends, traditions, and beliefs.
Non-Conformists do not need validation from others and have a strong inner guide.
Choices may be made which mirror the common consensus, but the internal reasoning will be based on analysis rather than following.
Which is why non-conformists really cannot be identified or labeled.
And why those who would call themselves non-conformist are actually conforming to the definition.
Which negates their claims.
The new Jordan sneakers are released.
The Non-Conformist would be trying on different pairs of shoes and if the Jordans have the comfort, price, and feel they like they will purchase them,
More than likely the Non-Conformist will end up purchasing them weeks or months after the release.
by Nomadic Heretic August 31, 2009