Contrary to popular belief non-conformists are NOT "emo" "goth" "punks" or "rebels" they are people who do things because they LIKE them not because they're popular. Also in a way everyone seems to conform whether to a religion, to a language or to just be human. Like for example, if all people eat a hypocritical non-conformist would be upset and not eat at all...or they would eat and completely destroy their version of non-comformity. See how complicated this topic is? Basically as I said before non-conformists are individuals who act like THEMSELVES and do not succomb to fads just because everyone else likes them.
Non-conformist: Hey dude I just got a pair of converses!

Hypocritical non-conformist: Dude you can't wear those anymore, EVERYONE has them.

Non-conformist: ...
by Ikki_Ikki_Ikram September 02, 2007
a conformist, generally claims to not follow the crowd but in reality is just following a different crowd/using another label.
all you non-conformists are all alike.
see goth, emo, chav, punk, skater, townie, ghetto, grunge, prep, kev
by Finding Emo April 12, 2006
non conformist - not goth or punk - not a political stand. not a rule maker or a rule breaker. just as a conformist - some follow rules some do not. i painted my living room orange.. my furniture don't match but i like it. people want me to get a big tv i dont even want a tv. they call me a hippie. I wont have stuff because you like it. i wont wear clothes because of what you say stylish. I wont drive a car that you say is cool. I wont eat at the trendy restraunts unless i want to. And when i do - i will dress as i please. I buy clothes at hot topic if i like them not because its a really hip store I also buy clothes at a thrift store. My style is almost never what is expected my tastes are way out. i know when i can be loud and obnoxious and i know when it really is uncalled for. A Non-conformist is just a person who you cant place into any specific cultural category (ie: normal/average/emo/goth/punk/etc) and i am not judgmental just because i am not like you.

Non conformist people ROCK if it is who you are not what you're trying to be.
individualistic out of the ordinary unusual
by bunnyjane February 10, 2009
Being in a secure state of mind in which you do not care what anybody but you thinks about you. If the whole world were like this, then there would not be as much violence. If you are scene, emo, goth, etc. then you are in no way a non-conformist. You are
conformity at its very worst. If you can honestly say to yourself that you dont care what others think of you then there is a chance you are a non-conformist. The biggest hint though is when you are recognized by people because there is not another person who looks or acts as you do.
Emo kid- *flips hair* i'm such a non-conformist *flips hair*
me- oh yeah? then why does every kid youre friends with look exactly like you?
by Collisionofworlds September 22, 2008
A contradictive word. By not conforming to one thing you are in turn conforming to something else. All of you people who think you are a rebelling nonconformist never thought of that, did you?
"If you want to be one of the nonconformists all you have to do is dress just like us and listen to the same music we do"
-South Park
by Rip April 04, 2004
There are two defintions of 'non-comformist':
1. A bigot who decides since everyone else like '______' that hey'll be different and hate it. See wannabe non-conformist.
2. A person who doesn't care what anyone else thinks and like what they choose to like, popular or not popular.
Both defintions are considered a weirdo.
1. Everyones wearing watches. I hate watches now.
2. I like watches! In fact, I wear three!
by Valley80sgurl May 04, 2005
The latest trend in pop culture, seen heavily in examples of Emo. Nonconformity itself is to be your own person, and to shun the local trends and live for yourself.

Of course, these days everyone is a nonconformist together: not listening to classic rock together, not wearing regular clothes together, and not loving your perfectly fine life together.

Yet, there shines a glimmer of hope, for there are a few true nonconformists out there, the ones who do what they want, whether or not someone else likes it. Unfortunately, these people are usually seen as nerds, and are quickly dismissed. Of course, the nonconformist doesn't care at all.
Pop Nonconformist: Let's go do something different for a change, cuz I know everyone else will love me for it and think I'm cool!

True Noncanformist: I'm gonna go spraypaint a tomato on my ass, and I don't care what you think.
by Unit No. 554789312 November 07, 2005
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