non conformist - not goth or punk - not a political stand. not a rule maker or a rule breaker. just as a conformist - some follow rules some do not. i painted my living room orange.. my furniture don't match but i like it. people want me to get a big tv i dont even want a tv. they call me a hippie. I wont have stuff because you like it. i wont wear clothes because of what you say stylish. I wont drive a car that you say is cool. I wont eat at the trendy restraunts unless i want to. And when i do - i will dress as i please. I buy clothes at hot topic if i like them not because its a really hip store I also buy clothes at a thrift store. My style is almost never what is expected my tastes are way out. i know when i can be loud and obnoxious and i know when it really is uncalled for. A Non-conformist is just a person who you cant place into any specific cultural category (ie: normal/average/emo/goth/punk/etc) and i am not judgmental just because i am not like you.

Non conformist people ROCK if it is who you are not what you're trying to be.
individualistic out of the ordinary unusual
by bunnyjane February 10, 2009
Top Definition
Contrary to popular belief, there IS such a thing as a nonconformist. However, they ARE rare. True nonconformists conform to their OWN ideas (which, in reality is not conforming at all). Sinse they only conform to themselves, they come in all different forms, depending on what type of person they are. In short, a nonconformist is a totally honest and transparent person who says what they think does what they want.
Lisa is so open and honest! She's a true nonconformist.
by anna_banana897 June 03, 2005
A non-conformist is somebody whos stands up for what they believe despite what anyone thinks. They can buy what a conformist does not because its in and everyone has but just because they like it. They do things for themselves and not to be excepted by society despite being ridiculed for not having Air Force Ones unless they like them. There isn't a store in the mall called the non-conformist store where people go to be different. Non-conformity is all about doing what you want and not listening to others opinions.
Non-Conformist-I just bought the nicest Air-Forces not because everyone has them but because he likes them

Wanna Be Non Conformist-Ew you're such a conformist everyone has those shoes, I made my own shoes because noone has them you're such a follower.

Non-Conformist-If I like them isn't that all that matters, I mean isn't that what being a non-cofformist is all about doing what you wanna do? If I listen to you and don't buy them won't I be conforming to what your idea of a non-conformist is?

by Fat Kid tm June 13, 2006
A nonconformist is a person who does not conform to the trends of the average person. A true nonconformist does what they want to do and not what other people want them to do.
This is not to be confused with an anticonformist, which is a person who does the opposite of what the typical person does.
Anticonformists often call themselfs nonconformists, because they dont know any better.
At a party where the majority of people are drinking:
The conformist would drink till he/she can't drink no more.
The anticonformist would not drink a drop.
The nonconformist would drink as much as he/she feels like drinking.
by Conda May 25, 2006
Anybody who doesn't give a shit about what other people think or want to pressure them to do. Getting a lip ring and having a cigarette in your hand does not make you a non conformist.

Preps can also be non conformists because they don't give a shit what other people think, they will live their life and they don't care who tries to make fun of them.

If you give that a thumb down just because you think ohh preps are conformists, well then sorry to say you are a conformist! lol
south park
conformist: this coffee is so good
stan: i don't like coffee
conformist: psh you cant be a non-conformist if you don't drink coffee!
by Angelacia May 02, 2007
Anyone who is not swayed by public opinion. They could be the nerdy kids who go to the downtown library or a the religious kid or anyone.
Ironically, there is a sub-set of conformism where people will start wearing all black, get a couple piercings, and start listening to goth music while telling people they are "non-conformists." These people are really, really annoying.
He started listening to Voltaire, he thinks he's such a non-conformist,but he's just following a different crowd.
by hoboace September 24, 2007
A maverick

To noncomfort is to completely ignore the society norms and its pressures on you.

The image that some people call "non-comfortist" is just an image that they want to portray themselves are independent and not needing of society and it's rules and regulations to functions as a being. It's because of the individualistic nature of this society that many people wish to portray themselves as such. And it's something you don't decide. You are born a nonconformist. It's not that you purposely go against the norms. It's that you fail to recognize the importance rules, structures and social norms and this naturally makes an above average level of uniqueness to you. Given the lack of this pressure to conform to sociality you given much more freedom to think and act and do. Your acts, thoughts, and ideas may appear absurd to others. Nonconformist tend to either be leaders or loners and mavericks. They are often too new and innovative for their own times. What they hate most is bureaucracy, and way too often when given a position of power they will throwaway the normal routines and traditions of the office. Free-flowing, creative, and intensely independent and individualistic; Born to pave their on path in life and refuse to accept somebody else's; Always Changing; Never Stopping; Trend Setting; with an inability to follow the establish rules and procedures even the ones they set themselves.

Their Greatest Strengths: Being new, innovative, and trailblazing; Filled with a lot of creativity, vision, and loads of leadership skills.
Their Greatest Weakness: A failure to keep the support and constancy of others.
Some personalities that exhibit a nonconformist:
(Enneagram Personality type) Eights with Seven wing: maverick
Youngest Child
by a non-conformist May 01, 2006
A term that seems to be largely skewed on this website.

A nonconformist is NOT a goth, and is nothing like it. Goths are conformists, as they are conforming to being goths. There are no 'group considered nonconformists' because that doesn't make sense. A nonconformist is simply someone who doesn't like the social groups he lives around, so chooses to stay out of it. These people will normally be wearing random articles of clothing, sometimes or often provocative that wouldn't actually put someone into a 'group'.
Tim wore a tight T-shirt and a jacket to school today. Yesterday he had a plain T-shirt of a random band name on it that had no similarities to the one worn today. Regardless, he was still ridiculed by self -proclaimed geniuses on the internet who said that he would HAVE to conform, no matter what.
by MrFishie May 05, 2005
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