An act of affection expressed through chomping noises
v.-Mike 'nom nom nom ed' at his girlfriend, expressing his undying love/ attention.
by Snorgbot December 11, 2008
The act of eating or stuffing one's face with delicious snacks, treats, hot dogs, KY jelly, Man-Meat, monkey shit, etc...
-Hey are you eating my fucking KY jelly you FREAK!!
-Ohh Goddamnit Jerry!! This is the 5th fucking time!! You have to stop!!! Eat your Cheerios instead!! Fucking teething little 8 month infant!!!
by Senator-Kevin December 10, 2008
1) sound made when a girl wears shorts that are one size too small and it looks like her crotch is eating them
2) action noise of eating
3) Pac-man
-"hey look at that girl..... Nom Nom Nom"

-"that looks delicious, Nom Nom Nom"
by buhagias0924 July 28, 2011
it's just said when you think someone is hot or hella fine.
Bria: 'OH BOY!, look at him, he's hot! '
by Someone hello December 10, 2008
the noise a fat girl makes when she's eating food that makes her happy
Bri: "mmmm these cookies make me so happy nom nom nom."
by flipside524 December 11, 2008
an expression couples use as an affectionate term of endearment. Could mean love.
Ramona- "I nom nom nom you"
Samson- "I'm gonna om nom nom nom you right up!"
by palomamead February 01, 2009
The sound Jaws makes when he eats something.
Woman: (screaming in agony) "Ahhhhhhh!"
Jaws: "Nom nom nom"
by whoeffingcares August 29, 2010
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