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Acronym for "nerd out loud".

Used to describe an event, action, or feeling of something truely "nerdy"; be it understanding a Star Wars reference, purchasing a new X-men/Fantastic Four crossover comic book, dressing as a Hobbit for a movie marathon, or giggling when you hear the original Pacman intro music played out loud. Usually the term describes these occasions occuring in a public locale or forum.

The term is often subjected to modification, such as the addendum of 'd, changing it's meaning to the paste-tense "nerded out loud". It has also been posed as a question ("NOL?"), inquiring as to wether the recipient "nerded out" over the subject matter.

Tradionally only used in text-based communications on the internet or other digital media, it's become commonplace for it to be used ironically in everyday verbal communications.
Tim: "I told someone at work today 'this is not the movie you were looking for'"
Tom: "NOL!"

Erica: "I totally NOL'd while watching the new Doctor Who episode!"

Dannielle: "I LOVE CASTLE! NOL!"
by kfresh97 May 05, 2010
National Outdoor Leadership School.
Outdoor college based in Lander Wyoming
I'm going to NOLS for a semester in the fall. Time to climb some mountains!
by James Tango March 01, 2009
Not out loud.

Derived from nawl, which is derived from lawl, which comes from lol.
shh, quiet, nol in here
by anonymous person 123124 October 18, 2006
Number One Lover
Hey your my NOL.
by Unam3dDud3 October 26, 2008
Said when something intended to be humorous is in fact not; the opposite of lol
Dennis: I wondered why the Frisbee was getting bigger, and then it hit me - lol.
Chris: nol
Dennis: :(
by Christopher James March 15, 2007
NOL is an acronym for Nope'd Out Loud. It is derived from the phrase LOL (laughed out loud) and used in the same fashion for stating when a given situation has been declined (origin as of this post is reddit
I was gonna let her give me head, but when she had what appeared to be a cold sore so I NOL'd
by jdrsqrd November 05, 2011
Nope Out Loud. When something is so repulsive that you involuntarily yell NOPE out loud.
He NOL'd when he saw the vagina with teeth shaped monster.
by wooptoo November 05, 2011

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