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A Beautiful Women With Strengths Only Few Can Match. Someone that will always be loved by many.
My Mother Dannielle Is So Strong, You'd Be Amazed
by Angelic Destiny June 23, 2009
Dannielle is a beautiful tall girl that boys for so easily. She has a amazing body, everything a boy would want. All the girls cant stand the attention she gets from boys. They all want to be her. She is shy at first. Also very very funny. She might make a few mistakes in life but it makes her a better, stronger person. She has a very caring heart which is rare in people these days. She cares alot about others problems. Sometimes she trusts people too easily. Girls are jeolous that boys would line up just to get a glance at her. Some girls try to put her down to make themselves feel better but it never works because dannielle doesnt let anyone put her down. Many boys would dream to date a girl like dannielle. She's a happy girl with a happy life. She has a sixth sense for fashion and shopping. Her amazing sense of style attracts everyone, heads turn even when shes just down the street. Shes a great girl to be around, she will make you feel comfortable and wanted. She's a beautiful strong girl that has been through alot of bullshit, but still keeps her head held high. Dannielle is a angel, a flawless angel. She loves to play sport, soccer, tennis and netball are some of her favourites, She loves going out to parties and getting all dressed up, she lives to impress, and she does so easily. Boys go weak at the knees for her. She could easily be a victorias secret model.
Why can't I be as beautiful as Dannielle?

Dannielle is so good looking

Dannielle would never backstab a friend

Why can't boys give me the attention they give to Dannielle?

I just want to look like dannielle, and have the attention on me.

Dannielles booty makes me wanna melt!! i would rate it better then Kim Kardashions!!!!

Dannielle is wife material, shes so perfect in everyway. She would be an amazing wife.

Dannielle is so hot i would make her a sandwich!!

All the boys love dannielle its not fair!

My dream is to be dannielle.

Dannielle has a sexy ass

Dannielle is so beautiful and nice, she has everything

I hate dannielle! Shes beautiful, flawless, perfect, amazing, shes got amazing everything, i have none of that! i hate her!
I love being around dannielle, she makes you feel so welcome

Dannielle has the perfect body, she looks amazing in bikini's

Dannielle can have whatever she wants, whoever she wants, whenever she wants!

Dannielle is a great friend

Dannielle is a funny girl, everyone wants to be around her

Dannielle's face makes boys weak at the knees.
by shartbait101 October 04, 2011
Dannielle is an awesome girl, loved by many. she catches every guys eye and they all fall for her. She is just the best. Dannielle= awesome awesom awesome!
She has all the nest qualities.
My friend Dannielle is so beautiful and funny
by ==D December 13, 2010
vaginal crustacean in its maggot form
'it was horrific, there it was, between the hairs, a wriggling dannielle...'

'one blow torch please, i've got a dannielle problem'
by fa lange August 19, 2012

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